To: All F.O.X. Operatives
From: Mission Central
Re: Case #1 - The Maltese Pigeon

Clearance Level: Top Secret

Commissioner-in-Chief Rourke Danyals has called the brightest minds in the world to help solve this case. He has announced a conference open to the public to more easily share the intelligence collected about this terrible crime, and will stop at nothing to get this priceless this artifact back.

Will you help Commissioner Danyals recover the Maltese Pigeon, and bring justice to those who deserve it?

The Maltese Fur-Con is a Boston-area convention that celebrates anthropomorphic animals in a venue that is unlike any other furry convention. Our convention involves its attendees in a mystery full of unforgettable characters and unexpected surprizes, allowing attendees to enjoy the story as it unfolds throughout the weekend.

The mystery is similar to the kinds of plots one might find at a Reniassance Fair - the plot will weave itself through convention areas, and attendees will have the chance to put the clues together to try and figure out who the suspects are, and what crimes they have committed. There may even be a reward for those who help solve the mystery!

The convention will also feature an Art Show, Vendors/Artists, panels, and other activities commonly found at any furry convention. We are excited to be running the event in Boston, MA - an area that has seen surprisingly little activity in the furry community until now. 

We hope you will join us on our wonderful and mysterious journey!

For further questions, or for information on how to become a dealer, please contact or visit us on twitter at @MalteseFurCon.